Reliable Shipping Partner

Saehan Marine was established in 1979 with the name of Saehan Marine Co., Ltd. for chemical transportation in domestic
area and is now carrying out its operation together with Gas business covering the range from Fareast to AG.

Saehan Marine has always been maintaining its top priority of enriching substances rather than enlarging the size for
meeting customers’ request at any time.

In a bid to promote its efficiencies in handling the complexities of Chemical/Gas carriers, Saehan Marine has taken the
forefront steps in Korea shipping industry by separating its organization with each independent company and has been
maintaining its specialization consistently.

Specialized in Chemical / Gas carriers

These efforts for safe transportation have been approved by being awarded the certificate of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
and even, the governmental organization for vessel inspection, KR, has quoted our company’s system as the very example of
vessel management for exclusive carriers.

Share the Happiness through Trustworthy & Reliabilities

Our present accomplishments are mainly due to the consistent supports of all concerned parties and we are now responding
to their efforts by sharing our profits. Through this way, we think that more people will have the happiness of being a
“Reliable partner”.

We are sure that we will continue to do our best efforts to be a company having a trustworthy, reliabilities, social
responsibility for making a better society.