서브2 배경
  • 2020

    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Kostar” (Chemical Tanker)
    Contracted Shipbuilding of 3,500 CBM Gas Tanker

  • 2010

    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Jasper” (Chemical Tanker)
    Merged Saehan Marine Gas Co., Ltd with Saehan Marine Co., Ltd.
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Selina” (Gasl Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Intrasia” (Chemical Tanker)
    Opened Singapore Branch Office
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Wallaby” (Chemical Tanker)
    Take delivery of MV ”Saehan Mirinae” (Gas Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Harmonia” (Chemical Tanker)
    Contracted Shipbuilding of 3,500 CBM Gas Tanker
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Gloria” (Chemical Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Freesia” (Chemical Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Estrella” (Chemical Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Aurora” (Gas Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Dreamstar” (Chemical Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Capella” (Gas Tanker)

  • 2000

    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Chemstar” (Chemical Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Lagas Rainbow” (Gas Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Stellar” (Gas Tanker)
    Acquisition of MV “Saehan Galaxy” (Gas Tanker)
    Opened Ulsan Branch Office
    Established SM Management Co., Ltd.
    Established Saehan Marine Gas Co., Ltd.
    Established Saehan Marine Community Foundation
    Achieved ISO 14001 Certification
    - Environmental Management Standards

  • 1990

    Launched General Chemical Transport Service
    Registered Shipping Agency
    Established Saehan Marine Operation Co., Ltd.
    - Specialized for Chartering & Operation
    - Quality Management System tandards
    Achieved ISM CODE Certification
    - Safety Management System & Document of Compliance
    Established Saehan Marine Service Co., Ltd.
    - Specialized for Vessel & Crew Management

  • 1980

    Started Molten Sulphur (Exclusive Carrier) Service
    Started Sulphuric Acid (Exclusive Carrier) Service
    Started Liquefied Petroleum Gas Service
    Registered Ocean-Going Cargo Transportation Business

  • 1970

    Started Chemical Transportation Service
    Registered Domestic Cargo Transportation Business
    Established Saehan Marine Co., Ltd.